A Falling City

The news that three airplanes were hijacked by a terrorist group, was broadcasted over all major television stations. Unprepared, and in panic, the United States government in response, couldn’t pinpoint the three aircraft; then, ... it was too late. Within two hours of the hijacking, the planes were flown into random NYC buildings.

24 HOURS LATER - People are told to barricade themselves in their homes, put towles under their doors, and to tape every exposed crevise; precaution to a chemical attack. Even under prefect response, civilians did die to chemical clouds that accumulated from the wrecks. The deaths tolled to hundreds, grew to thousands, and thousands grew to millions, in just a day.

48 HOURS AFTER THE INCIDENT - Those who didn’t die to the toxins in NYC went, nothing short of the word, insane...

72 HOURS LATER - NYC police authority are put to the test as mobs of civilians riot and destory the city.

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