The Insane Knight in the Afterlife

It was dark. Uncomfortably dark. The kind of dark that would make one wonder how light could ever penetrate its depths. Pretty freaking dark.

The Insane Knight remembered engaging in combat with the Campfire and then everything went black. He woke up in the darkness. So this is the afterlife, he thought. I assumed it would be a little more comfortable. He felt around on the cold, wet, stone floor. He could hear water dripping somewhere in the distance. At least there is water in the afterlife. One could get thirsty being dead. However, a little more light wouldn’t hurt the place.

The Knight had barely finished his last thought when the area around him lit up – despite the fact that there was no light source around. He could see that he was in some sort of dungeon cell. There was someone crumpled up in the corner, waking from a deep slumber.

“Easy with the light, mate!” the person exclaimed. The Insane Knight recognized the mans face immediately.

“Montelban!” he shouted angrily.

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