The psychic

“So do you have the answer to my question or not… because i’m not about to sit here and get a fool made of myself.”
“yes i do.. but i need 250 dollars in cash first”
I handed the old mysterious lady the money. This was the first I’d ever done this, and probably going to be the last time. My friend that I’ve grown up with has been going to this lady for the last ten years, and with more than half of the things he’s asked her, and she’s predicted, she’s been right.
“Thank you. Now hush hush child. You have to be really quiet and don’t be fidgeting around like you are now, it makes me lose my concentration, and if you here would like to figure out some facts about yourself then stop it before i do.”
I nodded in agreement. I wasn’t prepared to disobey. I immiadately folded my hands across my lap and sat still.
” hmm.. yes I see… ” She sat there looking into her ball. ” Oh my heavens. LEAVE ! RIGHT NOW ! DONT come back!”
Confused, I dashed out of her house.

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