Bad Girls Go Back for Seconds

The Joeldemon was leaning against the wall next to the door as Emma came out. He leered at her, and sniffed noisily. “Oooh. that one. Looked tasty. If I’d known, I’d’a gotten her first.”

Emma tried to ignore him, but he continued. “Now you gotta find you some guy to chase her with, so they can make the beast with two backs in your tummy ‘fore you polish ‘em off.”

Emma glowered at him. “You sick, disgusting, perverted—”

“Hey, toots, flattery’ll getcha nowhere—but’chaknow. don’t stop trying. But I’m serious, give it a shot.”

“Chet was over by the drinks before we went in there!” Julie said from her tummy. “He’s my steady at the moment.” She giggled. “Won’t he be surprised?”

“I think that’s be one way of putting it,” Emma said.

“And you don’t have to send him down the same way, either,” the demon added helpfully. “You’re demonic now, so your plumbing works however you want it to. Any bodily orifice will do!”

“Oh, stick it in your ear,” Emma muttered.

“Well, okay, almost any orifice.”

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