I shouldn't be here

The shopping cart kept pulling to the left. There was something stuck in the front wheel. Somehow this didn’t feel right. I wasn’t supposed to be pushing a shopping cart down the street. I didn’t know how I knew this or what I was supposed to be doing instead but this wasn’t it.
The shopping cart gave a violent lurch and banged into a bench. I went and bent over the front wheel, trying to see what was causing the problem.
“You’re looking at it all wrong,” said a voice. I looked up and saw an old woman sitting on the bench I had just bumped into. I could have sworn there was no one sitting on it a minute ago.
“Pardon me?” I said, straightening up.
“Your real problem lies somewhere else.”
I looked at the shopping cart full of useless crap. “You don’t say,” I answered, turning back to the bench. But the bench was empty. The woman was gone.
“Great! I’m a bum on the street pushing a shopping cart and now I’m hallucinating! What’s next?”

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