Sisterhood Part 2 (New Beginnings Series)

“Yasmine, why are you smiling so much?â€?
“I’m surprised you don’t know, I know Travis can’t keep a secret.â€?
“Umm yeah you are right he can’t keep a secret, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.â€?
“Well last night……..Travis proposed to me.â€?
“ARE YOU SERIOUS ? That is great. I had no idea he was planning it. I am so happy for you sissy. Let me see the ring.â€? Yasmine showed her the 8-carat, diamond, heart-shaped ring, that rested perfectly on her finger. “Dang, I didn’t know my brother could afford a ring like that, it’s gorgeous.â€?
“I know I didn’t think he could either, I guess the carpentry business is doing a lot better then I thought.â€?
“Well I guess we have two things to celebrate.â€?

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