On The Outside

She stands on the outside of everything. She watches the world. She wants to remain here, be unique. She has seen the heartache and the hurt that comes from being in that group. But she has also felt the deeper cuts of being on her own. She doesn’t know what to do, and it’s killing her.

Trying to fit it to escape her own pain she became the fool of the world. She tried to fit in and only succeeded with making her name a joke, one that’s not respected. So she quietly exited, and went back to her spot and watched everyone talk and laugh

She tried to slip into her own world; a world that she could create and control, but eventually that got lonely and she ran out of places to hide inside her mind

Nothing was ever in her favor. She was never just right. It was either ‘you too soft’ or ‘you too loud’ or ‘too quiet’ or too dumb.’ She was never perfect, she was never right. She just wanted to be loved. To get a hug when needed. She just wanted to find her place.

That’s when she turned and saw him standing their.

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