Weighing the options

Now, there were two possibilities that would occur should the shooters spot him. Either 1: they’d decide not to push it with innocent bystanders around or 2: the diamonds were worth more than these kids’ lives. Typically, shooting bystanders got the police involved, which was always bad for business. But telling the boss that his merchandise had run off under one’s nose could be very bad for your health. Which was why, as he took a peek in the kid’s shiny mirrors, he saw that his pursuers had left the building and chosen option 3: Follow him from a discreet distance and nab him once the coast was clear.

A ‘clear coast’ occurred more often that most people believed. It didn’t require an empty space or a space full of witnesses. A thronged mall could present a clear coast to a skilled assassin. The best place to be was with a few individuals, preferably law-enforcement types, that were focused on you and would notice your untimely passage.

“So where to?” The driver asked.

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