Skin Deep

My steak looks delicious, I make eye contact with my gorgeous wife, who is sitting across from me, she looks wonderful. “Have I told you how wonderful you look today?” I inquire happily. “Yes you have, and I’m bloody sick of it.”

She sounds rather annoyed, I look round to see why this might be and am astounded by how clean our large kitchen is, I make eye contact with my two kids and am struck by how perfect their teeth are. “Can you understand why your mother is annoyed?” I ask them. “Your face.” They reply.

Now I’m really confused, I walk over to the mirror and look at my face, I look just like a model, my hair is perfectly straight even though I did nothing to it today. Then I see my eyes, my amazing eyes, I stare into them.

“Those glasses, take them off.” My wife says, reminding me of something I’d forgotten. “I got you all presents”, I hand them a box each, “go on, put them on.”

My family put on their pairs of ‘Rose Tinted Glasses™’ look at me and exclaim with delight “You look wonderful today.”

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