Get down!

“Get down!”
He dropped to the floor before the warning was even finished. He was sore and soaking wet. His ribs hurt from where he’d been hit earlier.
A series of short streams of water shot overhead as he lay prone. It was as if someone had turned on a bunch of high pressure fire hose for a fraction of a second and sent bursts of water flying across the room.
“Get up!”
He shot to his feet.
There were 4 other men left in the room with him. The last one had been dragged out when a burst of water hit him in the shoulder, spinning him around so he cracked his head on the wall.
It felt like they’d been doing this for hours. He was quickly approaching the point where he wouldn’t be able to go on.
“Get down!” They dropped.
“Get up!” They shot to their feet
They stood there for a lot longer than usual with no orders being shouted. Two men turned to each other and exchanged shrugs.
Then the lights went out.

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