Would you turn the Nile Red? (CC challenge)

Look up after a rainstorm and you’ll see the color Red.
You may think of flirtatious and bold but there’s more to the wavelength of Red.

The spiral of color on your candy cane sweet that tastes of peppermint.
The color of lips that have just been kissed;
The color of cherries, so succulent.

The most beautiful color that leafs change in fall is a bright shade of jubilant Red.
And for those romantics out there in deepest despair, the best rose bouquet is Red.

The sunset you watch with rapture and awe that rises with fiery grace.
The power you feel that moves you to action.
The Heart that is delicate lace.

Every one has searched their souls for the deepest shade of Red.
Wrap yourself in comfort with the velvet shade of Red.

Royalty wore golden bangles edged with richest threads of Red.
Courage, Compassion, Adventure, and strength,
The Folds and Shades of waltzing Red.

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