Alone, Emotionally and Physically

My mom came over to me and sat down on the floor beside me.

“I’m not leaving.” I stated bluntly to her.

“I don’t expect you to leave, hunny. But I have to go to work, so here’s fifty dollars for lunch and dinner, depending on how long this takes, and for the ride home. Call me with the news. Kay?”

She’s seriously going to leave me here?

“Yeah. Bye.”

I can’t believe she’s going to just leave me here!! And without any adult supervision, either.

But then she walked up to the guards. “You take care of her,” she said in a threatening way only a mother can, “anything happens to her I’m going to sue you for every last penny to your name. Got it?!”


“Y-yeah. Sure.” he looked a bit taken aback.

Overprotective much, Mom.

Once she left, I thought about calling Anna to come over here and bring some pillows so we can sleep here, but I just needed some alone time with Chad.

But who knows how long that’ll be?

“Sir,” I went up to the guard, “when is this surgery done?”

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