Yeah? I Well I Know Superman

“Yeah, I have hunny.” I smiled. I love this kid.

“This is my room!” he swept across the air presenting me to his room, floor cluttered with toys. One of which he went over to and started playing with.

“What’s that?”

“This is Roger the Ranger. He pwotects me from bad guys, like Superman. I want to meet Superman someday! Daddy says I will.”

“Oh really?” I thought for a minute. Shade.. “I happen to know Superman, actually!”

His mouth dropped and his face lit up as he looked at me. “Really?”

“Yeah! I could show you him sometime, if you want.”

He gasped. “Yeah!”

Rachel walked in. “Heather, you should see those two, they seem ready to get in a fight.” she whispered to me so that Brett wouldn’t hear.

“Mommy! Aunt Heathuh knows Superman!”

“She does?” she looked at me with a questioning face. I looked back at her, as if to say ‘I’ll explain later’.

“I’ll be right back, before we end up with two men more useless than before.” I told Rachel and hurried into the other room.

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