Defensive Acting

“No, no, no. This is not my vision! This movie won’t turn out right if you don’t say the lines!”

I approached him threateningly. “You do not critisize an actor. Acting is an art, I can change things here and there to make it better!”

“But it won’t make sens-”

“Screw it! I’m going to McDonalds.”

“NO!” my make-up artist ran to me. “You know how bad the grease is for your complexion!”

Then my fellow actor came up, fully dressed as a zombie. “Yeah, go get a salad or something. It’s not good,” he grabbed my zombie head, “for.. this.. right.. why won’t it come off?”

“Haha you suck.” I said and ripped his zombie head off.

“I have no head!” he acted.

“See! Now this is the kind of action we need!”

The director defended himself. “Well I did invite Kelly Clarkson to come and sing the background music, I’ll just send her back..”

But in she walked, talking on her cell phone “One more ticket sold and we have a record?” she looked at me “Want a ticket to my concert? It would really help.”

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