Rouge Hearts

Part 1~ Journal Entry

Everday is the same. We repeat ourselves daily as we go through life. Organizing our lives to fit in the perfect machine that is the society in which we live. We wake up, we wash ourselves, we eat breakfast, we say our ‘so longs’ and ‘goodbyes’ to our family and friends. We go to work or school depending on your age we suffer through countless hours. We return home. We say ‘how was your day’ and when asked we embelish the truth inorder to make it seem much more fascinating. Then we go to sleep and dream about what we are going to do the next day.
“Its life,” or so people get accostumed to saying . Perhaps to make it seem less obvious that this regularity sucks and sucks big time! Seriously how can we measure the worth of a lifetime if its spent in a regular pattern?
Yet, what happens when we break that order of living? What happens when something new and unexpected falls out fo the heavens and lands in our lap, what do we do then?
I wish something would happen.

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