Rouge Hearts: Part 2, Walking into Nothing

The school bell screamed out into the mumuring stillness of the early morning. Julius tossed his book bag over his shoulder and stood up out of his seat.
Only first period sigh This sucks.

Julius was an average seventeen year old within an average highschool. He lived an average life and if not for his unusual passion for video games and anime, you could say he lived an average lifestyle. He was just another average guy who dreamed of greater things, even during class which got him into more problems than he hoped for.

Anyways back to the story at hand…
In the hall Julius looked upon the sea of faces of people he knew all to well from previous years, although he never really met them. It wasn’t that he couldn’t fit in with these people it was just that he didn’t care to try. Cutting through the crowd he stepped out in the grass lawns and the daylight.

Just another day in paradise.

He said these words paying no heed to the events around him as he began floating in the air.

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