After his statement, all eyes had shifted again.

“Do tell.” Anna suggested.

“You will be going to jail anyway, so you might as well tell us everything.” Mr. G. sneered.

“Well… I guess your right. What was I going to tell you again?” he was playing dumb.

Mr. G looked around the room. Everyone was either crying or obviously holding back tears. Maybe it was time to call it a day.

“I think everyone should go home… except for you that is.” Mr. G gave him the meanest look anyone in the room had ever seen.

After that, Anna and Lily and her mom walked out to the parking lot.

Is this finally over? Am I finally free? Do I finally not have to worry any more? These were the questions going threw Lily’s head.

How come I never new about any of this? Why didn’t she tell me? Those were the questions going threw Lily’s mom’s head.

I told everyone, but why did I leave out the most important part? Those were the questions going threw Anna’s head.

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