secret admirer-The fight and the 2nd kiss

Brendan was already getting really mad becasue it’s been 6 periods and she hasn’t opened her locker yet. As susan turns her lock to her combination numbers, Brendan pins her to her locker and kisses her, as they kiss, josh walks up to brendan and grabs him.
“What the f* do you think you’re doin?”Josh says.
Then he punches brendan, they get into a full-on fist fight. Brendan seems to be getting the upper hand. Susan tries to tell joe to break it up.
“I don’t want nothing to do with this?”.
“You’re such a coward!” Susan has to go in herself to break the fight up but as she attempts to, the principal comes strolling by and breaks it up and takes brendan, josh, joe and susan to the office.
“Why am i even here?” Joe says.”I wasn’t fighting or anything, i was just watching!”.
The pricipal rolls her eyes and calls Susan into her office while the others wait outside.
“So Ms.Cage, You wanna tell me what was going on out there?”
Susan sits there, still trying to grasp the reality of the recent events.

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