No Easy Answers

When did this get so complicated?
Is this how it is for everyone?

I stood staring out at the city glittering across from me. A thousand questions ran through my head at hyper speed. My logic and my passion warred within my mind.

It’s difficult for everyone. It’s your first break-up. It’s bound to hurt.
But why for this long?
Why do I still want to be near him?
What if he was the one?
Then you’ll come back to each other. You’re too young to have a future with him even if he is right
I know, but part of me still wants to
Why is he so sure he doesn’t love me anymore? What did I do?” _
_Why do I keep only seeing his good qualities?

Why can’t I just accept that it’s over and move on?
You’ve got to concentrate on making yourself happy. Love will come in time.
I wish I could know for sure if he and I weren’t meant to be together.
Love doesn’t always come with easy answers

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