We think I'm going crazy

I think I’m going crazy.

Really, I am. My screenplays are getting more and more insane and violent- my asylum series is about 12 movies long now. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, really, because usually I really like writing happy screenplays with happy endings…

I just got out some of those of happy plays, and at least I still enjoy reading them. I don’t enjoy writing them anymore, though. Jess says that I’m channeling all of my hidden anger and sadness at the characters by making them kill people and stuff, then trying to excuse them by pretending their insane.

For one thing, Jess is crazy and has no idea what he’s talking about; for another, I don’t pretend that Camoren and Lilly and the others are insane, they are! I sort of see what he means though. I guess that their recent actions are a little bit excessive. I don’t remember any hidden anger and sadness though. Jess’s just making that up, I bet. Then again…Jess hardly ever makes stuff up.

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