Her Bestfriend's Surprise (LA Series: The Surprise Chapters)

She put her on her silver earrings as she talked on her cell.
“Yeah Detre is my date for the night, and yet he takes longer than me in the bathroom.
“Well, Andi, me & Jack arent leaving the house until 7.”
“But Brooke, it starts at 7.”
“I know. Has he showed up yet?”
“No. Let me call you back. Let me tell him, I’m ready.”
Dial Tone

Andi in a simple but elegant black dress walked over to her vanity. “Okay, I’m going to curl my hair.” Then there was a knock at the door.
Andi put the curling iron down & walk towards the door.
When she opened it, no one was there. She stepped outside to look for somebody, but no one was there. Then she heard her phone ring. She ran over to it.
“Hey Andi.”
“Hey Dee? Where are you?”
“Oh, I’m with Trish…”
“Wait, is their something your not telling me?
“Yeah, I switched.”
“Yeah, the person outside your door is your new date. SURPRISE !”
“You know I hate surprises” she said as she walk to the door.
Andi slowly opened the door.
“Hello Andi.”

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