The Surprise Continues (LA Series: The Surprise Chapters)

She opened the door.
“Hello Andi, how are you today? I will be your date for the evening thanks to Detre.”
Andi was speechless.
“Its okay, dont say a word, just your expression means a lot to me.”
Andi was speechless.
“This is Dee’s present to you.” he said as he gave her the box.
“And this is my gift to you.” he said as he gave her a bigger box.
She looked at him with astonishment.
“Well, go ahead Andi, open it!”
She looked at him, smiled and she crept Dee’s box open. She started to laughing because it was a bottle of massage oil, her favorite kind from Bath & Body works.
“That boy is too funny” she thought.
“Well arent you going to tell me what he got you?”
She looked up &said, “he got me massage oil. Because he knows I love massages.”
“Oh really, well before you open up my box, let me give a little massage.”
He walked behind her, pour the oil, & put his soft hands on her shoulders and then started to massage the tension while he kissed her neck.

And then it was another knock at the door.

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