Ten Good Reasons for Murder(3)

This time, she has to wait longer before she can continue.
“Seventh, you have feelings. You choose to ignore them and follow the aforementioned phallus.” She rips his shirt from his frame and cuts him deeply across his chest, where his heart would be. She’s getting anxious now.
“Eighth, you have feet. Feet that take you to your other pursuits.” She takes the machete once more and chops off his left foot with one quick swoop. He’s getting woozy now from the blood loss.
“Ninth, you have a mind. And your mind works in mysterious ways. It lacks imagination to what you can do with one partner. Hence, why you seek many.” She stands before him with a bat. He knows what is coming, but can’t stop her. She hits him once, dazing him, but still not killing him.
“Lastly, you are a man. You will never change no matter what women do. And so, we have come full circle.” She straddles him with a knife in her hands.
“And that, my friend, is why you must die.” With that, she plunges the knife through his heart.

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