At Her Side

Held up by nothing;Torn down by everything;
Killed by love;Saved from death;
Just like a fallen angel;Just like the tomb of the devil.

Those were her last words.I didn’t understand it.And it replayed in my head.Her words were so soft and barely a whisper.To look into her eyes was mystifying.She was different.
I whispered those words once again.They sent a cold chill up my spine, but it a way it comforted me because those were her words.
She was a different person at her time of death.Was she showing a side of her that no one saw?Was she just changing?Was she acting?
Those questions haunted me.And to talk about it tore me down.Mabye that’s what she ment when she said,”torn down by everything.”Maybe she had questions that were not answered.
I wasted no time to write everything down when she was dying.Everything she said.Everything she did.I observed it all.But maybe she ment for those words to haunt everyone so in a way you would always have her on your mind.But the truth will only she will know.

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