Too much Truth?

I’ve Always Believed that you suppose to tell the truth and nothing else. Someone asks you “How did things go last night with your parents” You tell them. But, over the past few years I’ve learned that can’t always happen. Sometimes the truth changes an opinion about someone. I never wanted the opinion of my girlfriends dad to be like this. Everything that would happen, I’d have to tell him everything that happened between me and her daughter. After I would, it was always my fault even if it wasn’t. No matter what, I can never please this man. He’s in his mid 40’s and stuck there. He’ll always be, cruel and never have anything good to say. He says good things..but only about people when they are in front of him. He’d rather go behind your back and talk about you then. Because he’s a “nice” person to your face, but a bad one when alone. He calls himself Christian
but always curses. He can’t be happy unless someone is being made fun of. What could you do to deal with such a person? 3 yrs now, and I don’t know.

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