White Rose

The white rose was so beautiful, in a dark and depressing way.

April was sitting in her room staring at the last flower her boyfriend had given her. Once a month, on the day they started going out, he would give her a white rose. White roses were her favorite.

3 days ago she had gotten her last rose from Derek. She had forgotten to even put it in water because of all the commotion. Three days later it seemed like it had been months. She missed him so much.

3 days ago they had been going out for a year. He ment more then anything to her. Today was when they were suppose to celebrate, but he had just insisted on coming on the actual annaversary to give her the rose.

“It’s not the same the day after.” he had claimed.

On his way over something completely horrible had happened.

He was listening to his mp3 player, and didn’t hear or see it coming. If he had just waited a day, everything would be fine.

The other way all of this could have been prevented is by the driver not being drunk.

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