The Graveyard of the Flying Machines Part V

He caught sight of the girl as he turned back to the bridge. A small yelp jumped from his lips. The girl was squatting behind a tall bank of equipment, half of her face hidden, one hand resting on the corner. Dirt ringed her fingernails and smudged her hands and face. Her reddish-blond hair was streaked and limp. The one eye that gazed out was wide open and large, a white river stone with settings of polished jade and onyx. The expression on her face was wary and somehow wise in an innocent, childish way.

Morgan advanced forward a few steps and she shrunk back behind the bank an inch. He stopped. He sighed and thought for a moment while he placed a fist in his back and stretched.

“Look, it’s ok. I’m not gonna hurt you, little girl.” He moved forward another step and she shrunk back again. Morgan thought for another moment. “I’m not gonna get you in trouble or anything. Nobody’s gonna get mad at you for stowing away.”

He made another step forward and she disappeared completely into the dark.

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