69 Years

She watched him in his chair from the kitchen. She was fixing him dinner as she had done everyday for the past 69 years.

She saw him getting thinner with each new day. His appetite was gone. The past 2 years had taken their toll.

She watched him reading, the man she fell in love with at 18. As she looked into his wrinkled face, she saw that 20 year old man and everything they had been through since.

Their anniversary was 3 weeks ago. Though they stopped celebrating years ago, she woke up knowing and made him a special breakfast for the occasion.

Turning back to her stove, she scooped some refried beans onto his plate, a staple of every meal. She still didn’t own a microwave, she never had a need for one. As long as she cooked everyday, her mind would never fail her of the recipes.

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