Passion Lemonade

“Try this.”
“Try this. You will like it. Its really sweet, but herby.”
“Just try it Gene.”
“Okay.” His lips touched the straw as I anticipated his emotion.
“Oh, this is good. Damn, what is it called again?” Gene said.
“Its called Passion Lemonade.”
“Oh, its sweet like you.”
“See, I put a little extra love in that drink.”
“I see, and I love tasting you love. I want it all.”
I just turned and laughed. I wish he could see that I’m not playing with him, that I really have feelings for him. But men are just delirious when it comes to emotions.
“Hey, what time are you done work today at Starbucks.”
“Why, are you taking me out today?” I said.
“Maybe… lets go to the bar, so i can take advantage of you.”
I would love for you to pop my cherry and then take advantage I thought.
“Excuse me Gene. What did you say?”
“Nothing, I take you out some other time.”
_I wish he would see right threw me, I want him to be like thats my boo. We already play like we’re together, Y cant it be real.

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