Time's Ripple Mars Skepticism

The link loaded into a rather stereotypical Ebay page. Sam winced at the overdone flashing banner ad, and quickly scrolled down to the description. It read “Slightly used time machine- good condition!”

Further reading revealed that the time machine had allegedly appeared on the owner’s front lawn one day, with no sign of its origin. Conveniently it had come with an instruction manual. Unfortunately, as the owner had a pacemaker, he could not use the machine. So he put it up on Ebay for some lucky highest bidder.

As he looked at the starting bid, Sam snorted. Fifteen hundred for what looked to be a cheap metal hat with machinery welded onto it? Hardly likely, especially with the car expenses he’d have to pay soon. He pulled his notebook and pen out of his pocket, intending to make certain he never clicked on a flashily worded ad again. He turned to what should have been the most recent page, and suddenly stopped.

Scrawled across the page were the words “Get that time machine at all costs.”

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