One Neko to Rule Them All

Here we stand, a great generation, a new one to rule them all. We are no longer real humans, more of us part animal than the real ones. We have the entire world at our feet, all we need is a leader.

We’ve tried to elect, but we only vote for ourselves. We tried fighting it out, but that simply delayed our work. So we turned to our previous generation to tell us. They said that I should be leader, but I’m no leader. I’m only twelve, and a neko at that. I’m more animal than the rest of them. A member of a once slave race to rule the humans? Yeah, that’s really going to work. They all arrived at my door with things to help me rule, starting with the uniform. But I’m not ready to put it on yet. The pink top, the jeans, and the pink ribbon to put my blue hair up with.

I’m not ready, I think. I can’t do this. I just got out of slavery. They JUST freed us! I’m still recovering. That danged voice in my head spoke up, Just the perfect time to rule fairly, when you know what it’s like to be oppressed.

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