The Northern Lights

She watched the sky dance with colors deeper than her dreams. Despite her old age and many imaginings, this spectacular sight far surpassed her wildest dreams of the arctic circle. She knew that the base would be deserted from the storm and there was no point in trying to fight the elements. She had no family to go home to or anything to look forward to upon returning. With jaw-dropping agility, she jumped down from her boat and landed on a small iceberg and just looked up for what seemed like hours.
“Aurora Borealis: The Northern Lights. The final adventure I had to embark before I left this world, and now It’s time.”
With a deep sigh, she climbed back into her row boat and rowed towards the starry night’s sky.
Her friends say that she became one of the most brilliant stars that shines in the coldest of nights, only visible from the top of the world.

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