LIfe Too Short For Division Among Humans

People are so hurful and judgemental and closed minded. Sometimes dealing with others is just to hard and to much work. You try to open up and make friends, but all you ever get is people who look at you like you do not belong.

You try to get involve and join certain things and even thoes people make it hard because of the clicks, and crews and groups of people who see you as an outsider.

The more you try to make a difference and or become part of things the more people cast you aside and make you an outsider. Judging and being Judgemental is not your job.

I never understood why people form dislikes when you have not even said Hi, hello, goodmoring, goodevening, and or whats up! Already you are forming judgments and making assumptions either by someone eleses opinion and or just by color and or looks. Now days its even by status and what you have that matter more then the person themselves.

Well I thank my parents for helping me to respect the difference in others and who they are as a person.

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