He was all i needed him to be!

We were that kinda couple that carves their initials into the tree in front of their houses. We loved each other!

I’ll give you a little bit of background on our story.
Its one of those Romeo and juliet stories.
Variation; His name is peter and my name is Destiny
Ironic huh? How my name is Destiny…yeah he was my destiny!
His parents disliked mine and vice versa.No one knows why they hated each other so much.
Anyway, we met in high school. To be more specific; Sophomore year of high school.
It was kinda like i felt those “butterflies” that everyone always talks me, it was love at first sight..literally.
Yeah, he wasn’t the cutest or the most handsome guy at school, but to me, he was all i needed him to be.
He always said he loved me.

We dated behind our parents’ backs, but that wasn’t our first resort; we asked first. of course, my parents yelled! His parents yelled too, and when he insisted, they kicked him out.
It was unfair! He came to stay at my place every night as soon…

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