Trash Ejected, Soul Acquired

The bullet hit me straight on in the middle of the forehead. Almost immediately I knew I was dead. But… for some reason I was still breathing. Except it wasn’t me. I was lying on the ground, in a steadily increasing pool of piss and blood, and was most certainly dead. I was… watching this happen.

I looked down at myself. My outfit was ragged, and I stunk something awful. And I couldn’t help but feel… like I urgently needed something. I was still in the alley, but my body was in front of me. Which meant…

I looked at my hand. There it was. The gun that had just shot me. What had happened? Had we somehow switched identities? This definitely didn’t happen every day…

Realizing what this looked like, I quickly bent down and grabbed my keys. No one else lived in my apartment. I was going to have to run and try to figure this out, but I’d be arrested and committed if they found me here now.

But whatever I needed, I needed it soon. With dawning horror, I realized this body was on crack.

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