The Last Journal of Major Tom

Oh God I’m going to die up here. Alone. Surrounded by so much silence it’s deafening. They never prepared me for the quiet.

They think I’m already gone. My wife, my children, the world… They’re mourning me right now. Would it be better or worse if they knew I was still alive? Probably worse. Impossible situation. There’s nothing they can do to save me. I’m stranded in this tin can. Infinite space and everything in it laid out before me and I’ve never felt so alone in my life.

It is beautiful though. Cathy my love… I hope you continue to look up at the stars like we did when we were kids. Remember what dreamers we were? Don’t look up and worry about me floating out here. I’ll… I’ll be gone.

I’m passing over the states honey, as I write this. It feels like I’m looking in on you and the kids one more time, making sure you’ll be okay. Don’t cry for me. The oxygen won’t last much longer and when it’s gone, it will be like going to sleep.

And I’ll go to sleep loving you with my last breath.


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