My Silly Xmas Traditions

Christmas, my favorite holiday. And with it comes traditions, not necessarily my family’s traditions, but ones that are uniquely, me.

Santa Tracker.
No matter how old I get, every year on Christmas Eve I find the Santa tracker online and see where Santa is at the current moment.

Hanging Countdown.
It’s not that weird to have a chart where you countdown until Christmas, but if I ever forget to change it one day, I won’t skip that day and put the star in the next slip, instead I will place it in the day I missed for about a minute, and then move it on, it’s weird, I know.

Christmas Channel
As soon as the holiday season approaches, the Christmas songs channel is on constantly.

Not unusual, every year, I bake cookies for Santa.

Gingerbread Houses
Every year, my sisters and I make gingerbread houses, and have a contest of who made the best one.

My Special PJ’s
Each year I wear color coordinated PJ’s. Red pajama pants, green T-Shirt, green fuzzy socks.

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