Five Things You Always Wished You Knew About Brick Wall

1. Unlike Stovohobo, I LOVE horror movies. My best friend and I watch them together all the time. If he’s seen them first, he tells me when to close my eyes (gross scenes, not scary scenes) and summarizes so I get the idea without the inappropriate. Also, we have “emotional huddles”- three of us on a couch, me in the middle, Cody and Reid on either side. We’re squished in, so if you jump, you can’t play it off. That’s how we made it through Amityville Horror freshman year. It was amazing.

2.I’m touchy/feely, unless I’m in a relationship. I love hugs, and I love it when my friends tickle me. I’m okay with a kiss on the cheek, but I only do with 3 of my friends because I know they’re okay with it. If I’m in a relationship and I don’t like him as much as he likes me, I get really claustrophobic.

3.I love music. It inspires me, it motivates me, it keeps me going. A good beat can change my day. Also, I love hearing my friends play. Even if it sounds bad, the fact that they’re playing it makes me love it.

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