Bad Girls Go Deep

For a moment, Emma wondered how she was going to hook Chet, then she realized she was still thinking like a human. She simply sauntered up to him, smiled at him, and then plunged her tail right through his chest, just as Hanna had. It passed through his body with no sign of injury, and then the tip solidified behind him and tugged him behind her when she sauntered off. He moved like a sleepwalker, or like a cartoon character being tugged along by an enticing smell.

She pulled Chet through the door. The demon leaned in to leer, “Hey, can I wat—” Emma slammed the door in his face. “Ow.”

And then they were…coupling. Enthusiastically. Repeatedly. Chet’s eyes were unfocused, and he moved like a man in a dream. Well, most of him did. The part that mattered was going like a jackhammer.

And then Emma noticed she couldn’t feel Chet’s legs against hers anymore. She opened her eyes, and stared. Where Chet’s manhood had gone, his entire body up to the waist had followed, and he was sinking deeper.

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