Saviour of the Day

I wasn’t trying to save the world. Honest to God.

I’ll start at the beginning, so much as I know it. That’d be the day the world made me the new messiah. Yeah, “All hail our Lord and Saviour” kind of messiah. I didn’t plan for that to happen. I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In case you haven’t been reading the papers, the wrong place was the Corner Tap in Waterbury. I’d been workin’ the bar for a coupla weeks. Since I got fired from the quarry, anyways.

Fired. Don’t that beat all. First time I ever been fired from anywhere, for any reason. And me, I’m canned for drinking on the job. And I guess I was, but it wasn’t any fault of mine. I mean, what are you gonna do when every time you open up a water bottle -whammo, blammo- it’s not water anymore, Jimmy, it’s wine. Pretty good stuff, too. So anyways, when I got fired from slabbin’ granite at the quarry it wasn’t a stretch to get a gig at the bar. Hank - he runs the place - Hank figures he’s got a pretty good deal.

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