Hertzoff is here

Before he could puzzle out the meaning of the script, a sharp click caused everyone to spin round. “My dear captain,” a familiar mustached figure, holding a loaded gun pointed at the party, said sweetly, “you really shouldn’t get so caught up in study. It distracts you from the important things in life. Like finances. And, of course, watching your back.”

“Hertzoff!” shouted the surprised Captain Kelso, “How on earth! We weren’t expecting you for several hours, at least. You can’t have crossed the river in less than a day!”

“Of course not,” the mustached figure smiled. “While the laws of ethics are entirely emaginary, those of physics and nature bend to no man. I have been awaiting the arrival of your party for the last two days, in order to be best ready to deal with you for once and all.”

“That’s impossible,” exclaimed a startled Petit. “We know you hadn’t even reached the riverhead as of yesterday!”

“Bribery,” mused Hertzoff, “is a most wonderful thing. It’s amaizing what people can be caused to say.”

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