My Process of Writing an Essay (im not that girl's first 50 ficlet challenge)

I picked up my Diet Hansen’s Black Cherry soda can and tried to take a drink, before realizing it was empty. Man how long have I been sitting here trying to finish my essay? I was already done with my soda? Not to mention the empty bowl and spoon, which had held Rice Crispies cereal sitting right it front of me.

I rubbed my eyes, and, focusing on the computer screen, tried to stay awake. Shaking my head, I gave up and started playing with the painted brown hacky-sack again.

Wow, my desk really was a mess. Why was my roll of duck-tape there anyway? And the rubber ducky wearing a Hawaiian shirt, how did that get to be there? I had been looking for that! Why I was looking for it, I had no idea. Strange thing to want to find…

Wait why am I thinking about rubber duckies? Shouldn’t I be writing an essay? Wow, I really do get distracted easily. Maybe I’d be done with my essay already if I cleaned my desk…

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