The Surprise in Black & White (P2)(LA Series: The Surprise Chapters)

“Andi!” said Detre.
“D!” said Andi.
“I see you got your surprise!”
“You no, I hate surprises, but this was a good one!”
“I got skills! Hmmm, is their something wrong?”
“Dee, you can read me like a book.”
“I know, now whats wrong?”
“I got a feeling, a bad feeling.”
“Well, I see you didnt curl your hair, Juan is here, everything will be cool, dont worry.”
“Dee, I dont know, I cant put my finger on this one.”
“Well, your just going to have to forget about it, and enjoy yourself tonight. Okay, promise me your not going to dwell on this prediction, okay!”
“Well, Trish is looking for me. I’ll be around if you need me okay.”

Andi walked over to the bar where Juan was sitting.
“Hey, you saw Dee?”
“You want dance?”

Juan and Andi walked onto the busy dance floor and got their party on. A couple of hours later, Juan was with his friends while Andi was cooling down outside.

She took a breath of fresh air when a pair of hands were placed on her shoulders.

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