A Bigger Surprise (LA Series: The Surprise Chapters)

She could hear the excitement from the buliding.
She took a breath of fresh air when hands touched her shoulders.
She jumped as she turned around.
“Dont be afraid.”
She said as she hugged him.
“Hey!” he said.
“I missed you so much!
They hugged again.
“Wait, why are you smiling?” said Andi.
“I was just talking to Dee & its funny how things work out.”
“You were talking to Dee!!!”
“Yeah & he knows you too well.”
Andi look confused, Tony showed her a text from Dee:
Tony, ok, tha plans r goin’ good. Now Juan, is goin 2 wear her out of tha dance floor, & then he’ll call me wen she goes outside & then thts wen u com out. okay. she’s going hate me, but she’ll love this surprise. lol!
“I’m going to kill him!” said Andi.
“I know, but he really cares for you, cause he set all this up. Now, i just got here, so lets chill for awhile, and then I chill wit er’one else and then after the ball, I’ll come pick you like old times.”
“Thats cool, Tony.”
“Well lets go in.”
“I missed you.”

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