finding fairy

I franticly searched through my room. Opening dresers and draws. Clothes were flying everywhere. But I still couldn’t find it. “It has to be in here somewhere!” I mumbled. I stopped to rest for a minuet. Sitting on top of a heap of clothes. Then an imaginary light bulb when off. Ding! I have an idea! I ran over to my closet. Tearing all the nicely folded pants off of their shelves and taking all the shirts off their hangers. It was useless I would never be able to find it. It was like looking for a needle in the haystack. I sat down on top of my messy closet floor and sighed. Time was runing out and soon school would start. Then something sparkled under the bed. I slowly made my way closer to it. As I bent over the sparkle flew and all around the room. I could only see the outline of the thing. It was like a butterfly but instead of a worm-like torso it was kind of like a mini person. It glowed a light blue color and sparkles dripped off of it as it dashed around the room. Then I realized what it was holding.

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