First Love

I rest my hand on Jason’s but he pulls away. He opens the car door and walks onto the empty field.
I follow.
“I hate it when they do that. They act as if there’s no one there but them. I would eventually come back home, and I could be bringing someone with me, like you, but do they even consider that? No. They don’t.” He sits on the grass and pulls at the blades angrily. “They’re so fake. They get all dressed up and have these stupid parties and pretend to be this happy, perfect couple. No one sees them after the way I have to.”
I take his face and hold it up, stroking his cheek. “Hey, you wouldn’t believe it but I know exactly how you feel minus the dinner parties. I hated hearing my parents fighting four o’clock in the morning and having those sounds running through my head all day while everyone else gets to live a happy, normal life.”
Jason looks deep into my eyes and really sees the understanding there. He pulls me onto the grass with him, my head against his chest. “I love you” he whispers in my ear.

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