Dear Diary; Playing hard to get?

Dear Diary,
Week two!
We found out that Steven’s parents are splitting up and that’s why he’s been acting out.
Alex is still single, and still not noticing me..No wait, i lied!
When i dropped my pen today in spanish, he picked it up and said “Is this yours?”
I nodded, really eager, but he just turned around. Maybe he’s just a really good student and wanted to pay attention..yeah right!
The rumor about Trixie being pregnant, is still going around.But a new one has started, they are talking about jaime, my friend, being gay.
I kinda feel guilty about this whole thing b/c i feel like i’m the reason. I’m the one who told margie about Jaime saying that “Steven is a player, but he’s cute”. I thought he was kidding though, but apparently guys don’t usually say things like that. What if he is gay?
Is there a problem with that?!
Margie asked me to help her talk to Alex.
She’s gotta be insane!
Anyways..sam is getting cuter! He’s starting to be unavailable which worries me! Allison has her eyes on him.

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