Many Teardrops To Come

Her eyes stung. Teardrop on the fire of a confession. She looked around her, alarmed at not knowing where she was but then the dark settled. Black flowers blossom. She was safe.
“Tyler,” she whispered. He shifted but didn’t wake up. She ran her fingers lightly through his hair, drinking him in. Gentle impulsion.
She tiptoed into the hall. Bodies lying in inhuman positions were spread around the living room in disarray. Rusty assumed they were his roommates.
“Hey, fancy some-” said a nameless face when he noticed Rusty, but passed out mid-sentence. She smiled.
She liked this place, the cosy feel. Not like her house. There was never a warm feel at her house. She had felt more loved being in Tyler’s presence for barely a day than her whole life with her parents. Love is a doing word. Countless fruitless attempts to please. That’s why she couldn’t stay. She didn’t know this world. It wasn’t her. She wanted it to be her so badly but it wasn’t.
“Goodbye,” she whispered. Fearless on my breath.

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