Nina noticed the terrarium on Alan’s desk almost first thing.

“What’s this?” she said, tapping the glass. “Frogs? Newts? I never knew you for the sort of guy to keep pets, Al.”

Alan gritted his teeth. “Please don’t. You’ll disturb them.”

“Them?” The ferns inside the terrarium rustled and she gasped. “Holy shit, Alan. What are those?”

Alan looked up from his computer, glanced at the terrarium, and sighed. “Unicorns, Nina.”

“Shut up! No, really, what are they?” Nina bent closer, peering at what appeared to be small, white, scaly creatures. She wrinkled her nose. “They’re sort of horse shaped, I guess. Kinda cute. Oh, look, they have little horns.”

“Just like unicorns,” said Alan drily. “Look, why do you even bother asking me anything if you don’t listen?”

“Wow,” said Nina. “Where did you find them? Don’t you have to be a virgin or something?”

Alan coughed. “Or something.” Definitely or something.

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