Bobbert, The Medivial Smiley Face: = { )

Bobbert grew up in Great Britain in the medivial times, back when the Romans and the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons and the woads were battling..
...Bobbert lives with his eccentric great-grandmother in a one story house. Desperately he wants to fight with the Romans, but granny is appalled, so he plans to run away…
..Bobbert tells his great friend, Simley Faec, who also has plans to join, about his mission. Simley loves the idea and begins to prepare for his destiny..
...Simley Faec and Bobbert begin to make things ready, inhibited only slightly by the fighting on the streets, making it hard to travel about. They gather food, kiss grandma goodbye, and set out…
..Bobbert and Simley come across a village of peasants. They take them in like family, but none the less put them to work. About their fourth day in the village they tell everybody that they need to get going. With some sad goodbyes, they walk up to the bishop and tell him their destination. He is shocked, but let’s them go.

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